The Replacement Scheme.

No one can ever match it in the market.

Report a problem within warranty to earn Rs100 Cash Back with Immediate Replacement of the Product. And it's not a mere story, listen it from those who have experienced it.

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Welcome to the World of Starlite

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STARLITE is a story of a Modest Beginning, Lots of Hard Work, A never ending Passion and 12 years of Wealthy Experience in the field … We started with a commitment to provide the best quality products to the market and that's precisely what we have done over the years. By focusing on the minutest details that goes into the making of an end product like a memory module, we have been able to carve a niche for ourselves whereby both the Channel and the Users associate STARLITE with the "BEST QUALITY" products. The best of components and chips are used in our two Ranges of Memory Modules, i.e. STARLITE POWER - the Premium Range (using HYNIX chips) and STARLITE GOLD - the Value Range (using other Major Chips like Micron, Samsung, Promos etc). Our Compensation scheme on Memory Modules is a testimony to our quality and commitment …